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Stacy Torres

PhD Student

Ph.D. in Sociology, New York University, expected 2015; M.A. in Sociology, New York University, 2012; M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Nonfiction), Columbia University, 2007; B.A. in Comparative Literature, Fordham University, 2002

Office Address: 

Puck Building, Room 4187, 295 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Ethnography; Urban Sociology; Aging and the Life Course; Gender; Family; Health and Illness; Qualitative Methods

Title: Survival and Belonging: The Importance of Neighborhood Ties and Public Spaces to Urban Elders Aging in Place.

Committee: Kathleen Gerson (Chair), Lynne Haney, Colin Jerolmack, Dalton Conley   

Dissertation Abstract:
My current work focuses on social ties among older adults aging in place, and my dissertation research examines urban belonging among older adults aging in a gentrified New York City neighborhood. To understand the lived experience of aging in place, I have spent the past four and a half years conducting a multi-sited ethnographic study following participants as they have coped with the closing of neighborhood establishments, the loss of neighbors, friends, and family, health setbacks, depression, illness, financial struggles, and other challenges. My work investigates how belonging to a place or a group of people helps older adults cope with multiple vulnerabilities and develop social support networks to manage crisis and everyday challenges.

Publications and Papers Under Review

Scholarly Articles, Book Chapters, and Briefing Papers

Gerson, Kathleen and Stacy Torres. Forthcoming. “Changing Family Patterns and Family Life.” Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. 

Torres, Stacy. Spring 2014. “Aging Women, Living Poorer.Contexts 13: 72-74.

Gerson, Kathleen (with Stacy Torres). 2012 “Families and Family Life,” Chapter 13 in The Sociology Project: Introducing the Sociological Imagination. Richard Arum, Lynne Haney and Jeff Manza (Eds). New York: Pearson.

Klinenberg, Eric, Stacy Torres, and Elena Portacolone. 2012. "Aging Alone in America."  New York: Council on Contemporary Families Briefing Paper (May).   

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “Aging, Gran Torino-Style.” Contexts 9: 66-68.

Under Review

“Gender, Aging, and Ageism.” The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Revise and Resubmit.

“Where Everybody May Not Know Your Name: The Importance of Elastic Ties.” Under Revision.            
- Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Aging and the Life Course Section
- Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Community and Urban Sociology Section
- Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Sociology of the Family Section

"'For a Younger Crowd': Place, Belonging, and Exclusion among Older Adults Facing Neighborhood Change." Under Review.

In Progress
“Old Women as a ‘Series’: Including Age in Intersectional Analyses of Gender.” 

Other Publications

Torres, Stacy. 2014. “How Do Older People Retain Autonomy?”  The Society Pages, Families as They Really Are (blog). 8/4.

Torres, Stacy. 2014. “Why Don’t Older People Want to Move in with Their Families?”  The Society Pages, Families as They Really Are (blog). 7/21.

Torres, Stacy. 2014. “Chile Lost Yesterday, But They’ve Won My Dad’s Heart.” The New Republic, Goal Posts (World Cup blog). 6/29.

Torres, Stacy. 2014.  “Off Their Rockers: Challenging Stereotypes, Reinforcing Aging, or Both?Gender & Society (blog). 6/20.

Torres, Stacy. 2014. “Mental Health, Aging, and Men and Masculinities.” Masculinities 101 (blog). 5/7.

Torres, Stacy. 2014. “Old McDonald’s.” The New York Times. Op-Ed. 1/22.

Torres, Stacy. 2013. "When Mom Died." Slate. 9/4.

Torres, Stacy. 2013. "Guide to NYC." Newsletter of the Social Psychology Section of the American Sociological Association 17 (2): 10-12.

Torres. Stacy. 2011. “Does Breast Cancer Awareness Month Crowd Out Other Diseases Affecting Women?Slate. 10/ 17.

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “How My Father Survived Chile’s Mines.” 9/23.

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “Chile’s World Cup.” Huffington Post. 7/28.

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “Bloomberg Shuttering Lifesaving Senior Centers.Huffington Post. 5/14.

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “Keep Our Eyes on the Street Open.”  Huffington Post. 5/5.

Torres, Stacy. 2010. “St. Vincent’s Death Will Mean Pain for Seniors.New York Daily News.  4/29.

Torres, Stacy. 2008. “Dad and the Diner.” The New York Times. 7/ 27.   

Torres, Stacy. 2004. “What are they reading?: Desert Memories: Journeys Through the Chilean North.” The 12/7.       

Selected Awards and Fellowships
2014 Winner, Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Sociology of the Family

2014-2015 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

2014 RAND Summer Institute Scholarship (tuition, travel, accommodations) 

2013-2014 American Sociological Association Minority Fellowship Program (sponsored by Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS))

2014 Honorable Mention, Robert Dentler Award for Outstanding Student Achievement, American Sociological Association, Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology.

2013 Winner, Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Community and Urban Sociology

2013 Winner, Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Aging and the Life Course

Teaching Experience

Instructor. Sex and Gender, Sociology Department, NYU, Summer 2013.

Co-Instructor. Research Methods, Sociology Department, NYU, Spring 2013. 

Teaching Assistant. The Family, Sociology Department, NYU, Spring 2011.

Instructor. Intro Nonfiction Workshop, School of the Arts (Writing Division), Columbia University, Spring 2004.

Teaching Development

Teaching Certificate II Program, GSAS Teaching and Learning Program, New York University, Spring 2013.  

Writer as Teacher (Graduate Level Course), School of the Arts, Columbia University, Fall 2003.          

Additional Training in Health and Aging
RAND Summer Institute (Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists and the Demography, Economics, and Epidemiology of Aging Conference).

Professional Service and Activities
Elected Student Representative, Section on Aging and the Life Course Council, American Sociological Association, 2014- 2016.

Member, Belonging Today Working Group, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University (2012-Present).

Participant, Craft of Ethnography Workshop, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University (2011-2012).

Professional Memberships

American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Section Memberships: Aging and the Life Course; Community and Urban Sociology; Culture; Disability and Society; Family; Medical Sociology; Sex and Gender; Social Psychology.

Eastern Sociological Society (ESS)

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS)

The Author's Guild

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