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Ruth Horowitz

Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. 1975, M.A. 1972, University of Chicago; B.A. 1969, Temple University.

Office Address: 

Puck Building, Room 4101, 295 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012

Office Hours: 

On Leave.


Tel: (212) 998-8383

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Social control; deviance; juvenile delinquency; urban communities; field research methods.

Research Description: 

"Protecting the Public or the Profession?: Public Participation on State Medical Licensing and Disciplinary Boards" This project involves the analysis of why public members were placed on state boards successfully and their impact on the board deliberations and outcomes.


Honorable Mention C. Wright Mills Award for Honor and the American Dream (1984); C.H. Cooley Award for Teen Mothers (1995); Burrows Graduate Educator Award (1997).


In the Public Interest: Medical Licensing and the Diciplinary Process. Rutgers University Press. 2012.

Teen Mothers: Citizens or Dependents?
University of Chicago Press. 1995.

Street Kids, Street Drugs, Street Crime: An Examination of Drug Use and Serious Delinquency in Miami,
with J.A. Inciardi and A.E. Pottieger. Wadsworth. 1992.

Honor and the American Dream: Culture and Identity in a Chicano Community. Rutgers University Press. 1983.

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