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Jennifer Jennings

Associate Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. (Sociology) 2009, Columbia University; M.Phil. (Education) 2003, University of Cambridge; B.A. (Public and International Affairs) 2000, Princeton University.

Office Address: 

Puck Building, Room 4121, 295 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012

Office Hours: 

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Areas of Research/Interest: 

Education; Stratification; Health; Socioeconomic, race, and gender disparities in educational achievement.

Curriculum Vitae


Koretz, Daniel M., Jennifer L. Jennings, Hui-Leng Ng, Carol Yu*, David Braslow*, and Meredith Langi*. Auditing for Score Inflation Using Self-Monitoring Assessments: Findings from Three Pilot Studies. Educational Assessment.

Jennings, Jennifer L. and Douglas L. Lauen. Accountability, Inequality, and Achievement: The Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on High and Low-Stakes Test Scores. Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Corcoran, Sean. P., and Jennifer L. Jennings.  The Gender Gap in Charter School Enrollment. Educational Policy.

Jennings, Jennifer L. and Aaron M. Pallas. How Does Value-Added Data Affect Teachers? Educational Leadership.

Deming, David J., Sarah Cohodes, Jennifer L. Jennings, and Christopher Jencks. High-Stakes Testing, Post-Secondary Attainment, and Earnings. (NBER Working Paper w19444) Review of Economics and Statistics.

Rich, Peter M.* and Jennifer L. Jennings. Choice, Information, and Constrained Options: School Transfers in a Stratified Education System. American Sociological Review. 80(5): 1069-1098.

2015Jennings, Jennifer L. David Deming, Christopher Jencks, Maya Lopuch, and Beth Schueler*. Do Differences in School Quality Matter More Than We Thought? Educational Opportunity in the 21st Century. Sociology of Education 88 (1): 56-82.

King, Marissa D., Jennifer L. Jennings, and Jason Fletcher. Medical Adaptation to Academic Pressure: Schooling, Stimulant Use, and Socioeconomic Status.  American Sociological Review 79(6): 1-28.

* ASA Sociology of Education Section James Coleman Article Award

Jennings, Jennifer L. and Jonathan M. Bearak*. “Teaching to the Test” in the NCLB Era: How Test Predictability Affects Our Understanding of Student Performance.  Educational Researcher 43: 381-389.

Jennings, Jennifer L. and Heeju Sohn*. Measure for Measure: How Proficiency-Based Accountability Systems Affect Inequality in Academic Achievement. Sociology of Education 87: 125-141.

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